P.A.D.E. - Fontaine Center Peers for Alcohol & Other Drug Education

PADE group members at 2016 Movie on the Lawn event

What is P.A.D.E.?

P.A.D.E. (Fontaine Center Peers for Alcohol & Other Drug Education) provides peer-education on alcohol and other drug issues while representing the Fontaine Center. P.A.D.E. operates with the understanding that UGA students make a variety of choices regarding alcohol. P.A.D.E. helps prepare students to decrease the risk of negative consequences in an environment where alcohol or other drugs are present.

P.A.D.E. consists of approximately 15 students from the University of Georgia. P.A.D.E. meets regularly twice per month.

What does P.A.D.E. do?

Last year we hosted a number of educational events on campus to promote harm reduction strategies, including:

  • Fontaine Center tailgates to help promote harm reduction strategies on Game Days
  • Developed a health communication program to disseminate Fontaine Center messaging
  • Managed the Do It Sober UGA social media accounts & developed social marketing campaigns to promote alcohol-free events within our community
  • Planned and implemented outreach events to promote risk reduction strategies including Fall Break & Spring Break events
  • Facilitated residence hall presentations
  • Collaborated with a number of campus partners and student organizations to implement alcohol-free events (ex. Ramseypaloosa)

Thinking of joining P.A.D.E.?

Want to have a say in alcohol or other drug education at UGA? Join P.A.D.E.!

Eligibility for P.A.D.E. requires that you are a current UGA student, either undergraduate or graduate, and includes both students who drink and those who abstain. Members of P.A.D.E. commit to the group for a minimum of 1 year. Group members will be trained on alcohol and other drug content, so previous knowledge and experience is helpful, but not required.

Applications will be accepted throughout Fall semester 2018. Click here for Application!

What’s in it for you?

  • Help shape the future direction of alcohol and other drug prevention
  • Provide thoughts and ideas about how to reach UGA’s unique student population
  • Contribute towards making your campus a better, safer place to be
  • Professionally represent the University Health Center
  • Gain leadership opportunities, public speaking experience, and create social marketing campaigns

For questions about the group, the application process, or membership requirements, please contact the group’s advisor, Liana Natochy: lnatochy@uhs.uga.edu.

PADE group members at 2016 Tailgating event

Logo of P.A.D.E. -- Fontaine Center Peers for Alcohol & Other Drug Education