Healthy Dawg Ambassadors

HDA students, 2018-2019

The Healthy Dawg Ambassadors (HDAs) are a group of select students who are chosen to officially represent the health center. Ambassadors serve in multiple capacities promoting UHC’s mission and vision to students, faculty/staff, parents and other visitors.

Healthy Dawg

Healthy Dawg Ambassadors:

  • Provide UHC tours
  • Participate/Organize campus-wide outreach activities promoting the health center vision and mission
  • Assist in UHC events as needed
  • Participate in one philanthropy activity per term
  • Participate in UHC social media campaigns

Ambassadors are required to serve 2 hours per week during the academic year. A minimum of three semesters of service is required.

Who Should Apply?

Are you a committed, outgoing student who understands and believes in the mission of UHC?

Would you like to hone your leadership and customer service skills by being part of this select group?

Do you have at least two hours a week to work during fall & spring semester of 2020/21, and be willing to attend mandatory trainings and monthly meetings?

If you answered yes to these questions then YOU should apply.


How to Apply:

Applications are currently closed.


Healthy Dawg Ambassadors Healthy Dawg Ambassadors