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Managing Stress: A Guide for College Students


Tobacco can impact your sleep, ability to fight infection and overall health. These issues can create stressful situations. Some tobacco users perceive smoking or chewing as a stress reducer, however, the physiological effects on the body can actually increate current stress. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is important to learn strategies to deal with stressors and to understand that quitting tobacco use takes time and practice.

It is important assess the costs and benefits of quitting. By doing this activity you will be able to see what barriers and motivations you will have when quitting.

Benefits of using tobacco: Benefits of quitting:
Do the benefits of using outweigh the benefits of quitting?
Start Date:
What situations trigger your desire to smoke? What barriers will keep you from quitting?
What will you do in these situations? How will you overcome these barriers?
Appointment Date and Time to speak with a Tobacco Cessation Specialist at the University Health Center (phone number to make an appointment below):


  • Pick up a Quit Kit from the Health Promotion Department on the 1st floor of the University Health Center.
  • Start exercising before your start date. This can help alleviate stress as well as help to prevent weight gain.
  • Know that it isn't easy to quit! It can take time and sometimes several attempts.

The University of Georgia Health Center has three clinicians that can meet with you to discuss your options for quitting. Call any of the following individuals to set up an appointment:

Fran Beall, Nurse Practitioner 706-542-8654
Michael Brugger, Physician Assistant 706-542-8654

UGA College of Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program

You may also want to call the Tobacco Quit Line at 1-877-270-STOP. This service provides free counseling, a resource library, support and referral services for tobacco users in Georgia.

Georgia Tobacco Quit Line
Unite Georgia

National Cancer Society

Visit the University Health Center Tobacco Information page for more information.