Unplanned Pregnancy

If someone you know finds she is pregnant without planning to be, she may be overwhelmed by conflicting emotions of fear or joy, guilt or anger, all at once. Remember, she is not alone when it comes to exploring her options.

The staff at the University Health Center are committed to respecting personal rights to uphold the moral, religious, and philosophical beliefs dictated by individual conscience, and the right to conduct personal life accordingly.

We hope this resource guide provides guidance and sources of support that will help in making personally satisfying decisions.

The University Health Center does not assume responsibility for quality of services provided by other agencies. The fact that any agency is not mentioned should not be regarded as an indication of disapproval.


Campus Resources

A great starting point for students to understand options when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is UGA’s Office of Student Support Services. This office provides individualized assistance to students experiencing hardship circumstances, assists students with University Hardship Withdrawals, and educates students on available campus resources, policies, and procedures.

Unplanned at UGA
“The goal of our club is to help students-mothers whether they already have children or are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Our club is not religiously or politically affiliated, and we do not advise women on whether or not to continue or terminate their pregnancy. Rather, we work with women who have already made the decision to take on motherhood while also completing their college degree (undergraduate, masters, or doctorate).”


On-Campus Counseling

Because of conflicting emotions, as well as the stress normally involved with pregnancy, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. Counseling can help sort out emotions as well as options. The following is a list of some of the counseling services available on UGA’s campus. Off-campus counseling services are listed on the Community Resources document under the next tab.


Community Resources

The following are some of the categories of community resources compiled by Great Start Georgia for the Athens area:

  • Breast Feeding
  • Classes
  • Child Care
  • Clothing/Supplies
  • Education
  • Financial Assistance
  • Department of Family and Children Services
  • Food (including the WIC program)
  • Health Care
  • Housing
  • Legal Services
  • Mental Health
  • Parenting/Parent-Child Activities
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Websites and Suggested Reading
  • Complete PDF document of local community resources


Obstetrical Care

The University Health Center is not equipped to provide obstetrical care which includes prenatal care and delivery. If you are considering adoption or parenthood, prenatal care is necessary to maintain the health of both you and your child. The following local medical practices provide prenatal care and delivery. If finances are an issue, the Athens Regional Medical Center Nurse Midwifery Service offers affordable care to those with low incomes.

Athens Regional Medical Center
Nurse Midwifery Service
1199 Prince Avenue, Medical Services Bldg
Athens, GA 30606
Medical Services Bldg, 1st Floor

Athens OB/GYN, PC
740 Prince Avenue Bldg 3
Athens, GA 30606
Meredith Bolton, MD
Ruth Cline, MD
Andrew Herrin, MD
Rachel Murthy, MD
Rebecca Fletcher, MD
Katie Sells, NP

John F. Elder, MD
Kristen Wieler, NP
700 Sunset Drive Ste 601
Athens, GA 30606

Women’s Healthcare Associates, P.C.
355 Hawthorne Lane
Athens, GA 30606
Stephanie Allen, MD
Andrew Leach, MD
Leah Lowman, MD
Lina Millan, MD
Sarah Carey, PA
Alexa Clay, CNM
Shana DeLoach, CNM
Meredith Turner, CNM
Anna Yearous-Algozin, CNM
Sandi Hayes, NP

Women’s Center of Athens
1181 Langford Drive
Bldg 300, Suite 101
Bogart, GA 30622
Melissa Anderson, MD
Natalie Romines, NP
Melissa Halbach, MD
Camille McPherson, MD

Kaushik Shah, MD
1000 Hawthorne Avenue Ste M
Athens, GA 30606

Rajiv D. Desai, MD
1500 Oglethorpe Avenue
Bldg 500 Ste D
Athens, GA 30606

Thomas W. Goggin, MD
Manda Barnett, NP
Kelly Channell, NP
700 Sunset Drive Ste 602
Athens, GA 30606


Adoption Services

If you are unable to keep the child, adoption may be an alternative. Many agencies have waiting lists for couples wishing to adopt infants. As you consider this option, think about the emotional and physical impact of the nine month pregnancy, labor and delivery, and how it may affect your ability to give the baby to someone else. Examine emotional, family, and economic resources as you explore the options best suited for you and the baby. This adoption resource provides information and guidance about area adoption agencies and adoptive issues.

Department of Human Services
Contact: Michael Simmons


Abortion Services

Abortion is legal in the United States up to the 24th week of pregnancy. As you consider this option, think about your feelings, beliefs, and attitudes concerning this procedure. Most abortions are provided during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (first trimester). Abortions provided during the first trimester are safer and less expensive than abortions later in pregnancy. Ask staff to describe their services and clarify any concerns you have about the procedure and the clinic you are considering. Do not hesitate to call and ask for references.

Atlanta Women’s Medical Center
235 West Wieuca Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
800-877-6332 (toll free)

Feminist Women’s Health Center
1924 Cliff Valley Way
Atlanta, GA 30329
1-800-877-6013 (toll free)

1800 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30309



Sexual & Reproductive Health

For sexual and reproductive health information, including contraception and sexual decision making, please contact:

Camilla Herndon, MPH, CHES
Healthy Relationship / Sexual Health Coordinator
Health Promotion Department
University Health Center
University of Georgia


Nutrition Counseling

For information on nutrition counseling during pregnancy or about nutrition resources in the community contact:

Beth Kindamo, RDN, LD, CNSC
Nutrition Education Coordinator
Health Promotion Department
University Health Center
University of Georgia


Spiritual Counseling

If your inquiries require a more spiritual basis of support, you may call a campus/community representative of your own denomination, or call the Campus Ministry Association. They coordinate the efforts of multiple denominations and will support your efforts to seek spiritual counseling as a part of your decision-making process.

Campus Ministry Association The University of Georgia

Sexual Health Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Contraception