Project Condom

Introducing the 2016 Project Condom Exhibition Show!

Project Condom is an international concept that has traditionally been presented as a one-time, one-hour live fashion show. The University of Georgia has hosted three educational fashion shows. However, new for 2016 our condom covered couture will be hitting the road in order to reach more students throughout the entire year! Student designs will be displayed on dress forms that will travel around campus during outreach events and be on display daily in the University Health Center.

Design a Garment

If you are interested in designing a garment for display, please complete this Designer Request Form.

Get Inspired

Check out the designs and educational themes from UGA Project Condom Season 1 and Season 2 designs!


  • How do you make a garment? The easiest way to create a garment is to purchase a dress from a thrift store and simply glue on the condoms! Some designers also spray paint the condoms to change the color. We only provide the condoms; all other supplies must be purchased by designers.
  • Who supplies the condoms? Unlubricated, unwrapped, colored condoms are donated to the University Health Center by ONE Condom Company.
  • Why do I need a theme? The purpose of Project Condom is to decrease stigma around safer sex and to raise awareness about sexual health issues. Although catchy designs grab attention, it is important that a theme also provides education to the student body.
  • Can I design a garment with other people? Of course! We always value collaboration and would love to have students representing groups create a garment. Consider sponsoring a garment on behalf of a fraternity, sorority, student organization or residence hall!
  • Are there only female dress forms? We currently have three female dress forms and one male dress form available for displaying designs. The male mannequin is only the torso, but we can get creative to construct legs for pants!
  • How will designers be recognized? Upon completion of a design, the designer and theme will be on display along with their garment. Additionally photos of the garment with the designer’s name and theme will be uploaded to the University Health Center website and shared via University Health Center social media outlets. You’re welcome to submit pictures of a model wearing the garment too!
Can you create Condom Couture? Designers needed! Join Project Condom. We supply the condoms. You bring the design. Winning garments will be displayed across campus.