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Your contact lens prescription can be found on the prescription from your doctor, or on your contact lens box. To find the correct information for your contact lens order, just look on one of your contact lens boxes. Your contact lens box will have a brand name and your prescription information. Please see the example below to find your prescription on your contact lens box (the information may look different depending on the brand and type of contact lenses you wear).

Where is my prescription? It's on the box! example of a contact lens box with labels

We will need a copy of your prescription to finalize the order. If you are one of our patients, we should have this on file. If you have never been to the UHC Vision Clinic before you can either email, fax, mail or bring by a copy of your prescription. We can also contact your eye doctor to obtain a copy of the prescription for you.

Fax: 706-227-4763 (Attention online contact lens orders)
Mail: UHC Vision Clinic
Attn: Online Contact Lens Orders
55 Carlton Street
Athens, GA 30602

If you have questions or do not have a copy of your contact lens prescription, please call our contact lens technician at 706-542-5617. We will complete your order for you or contact your eye doctor to find your prescription for you. You can also email questions to the contact lens technician at

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We will quickly ship your contact lenses anywhere inside the United States and to many international locations. We provide multiple shipping options to meet your specific needs, and most orders arrive in less than a week.

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You can pay for your order using all major credit cards or your Flexible Spending Account funds.

example of a uga id card with 810 number highlighted


Online contact lens ordering services are available to UGA students/faculty/staff/retirees, their spouses/partners, and dependents ages 4-26 years.

You will be asked to provide your UGA 810 number. At the bottom of your UGA ID card, this is the nine-digit number beginning with 810 as shown highlighted in the example to the right.