Process Support Services

Vision / Mission Statement

Process Support Services at the University of Georgia are available to any student who has been accused of violating the University System of Georgia Board of Regents’ Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. Process Support Services aims to help students feel informed and empowered to navigate the conduct process by connecting them with a Process Advisor who will review the student’s rights and responsibilities, explain the conduct and hearing process, and provide information about resources on campus and in the community. Additionally, students may request that their Process Advisor accompany them to hearings as a support person, consistent with the University of Georgia’s Office of Student Conduct’s policies regarding hearings.

If you are a student who is currently engaged in the conduct process and would like assistance, please contact the Process Support Office to be matched with a Process Advisor.


Process Support Office, Located in Memorial Hall

Michael Money, LMSW
Phone: 706-542-0753


Role of Process Advisors

Process Advisors provide the following services:

  • Explanation of the hearing and resolution process
  • Explanation of students’ rights
  • Referrals for campus and community resources, including mental health services, alternative housing, academic assistance, and legal counsel
  • *A confidential space to discuss needs related to the conduct process

Process Advisors DO NOT provide the following services:

  • Advocacy on behalf of the respondent
  • Legal counsel or advice

*While Process Support Advisors are confidential resources, the PSA is not a resource to discuss case details. Confidentiality is meant to provide a safe space in which to discuss concerns related to needs and the process itself, but PSAs are not expected to discuss case details with students. If students wish to discuss their case in a therapeutic setting, counseling services are available through the Health Promotion Department.


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