Greetings to Parents of UGA Students

Here you will find essential information regarding immunization requirements for incoming students, health services available to all students, and tips for students to stay healthy and productive. If you have any questions not addressed on our site, please feel free to send us an email.

Email the health center:


Immunization requirements at UGA are determined by the Board of Regents.
See Immunization Information for details.

Health Insurance

All UGA students are encouraged to carry health care insurance either with the UGA student health insurance policy or through their family policy. If your insurance policy provides out-of-network coverage, our Business Office will file claims for services incurred at the Health Center as a courtesy. We cannot determine whether your specific policy will cover charges incurred at the health center. We suggest you contact your individual insurance company and inquire about coverage. More information about insurance providers

Charges incurred are the responsibility of the student when not paid by the insurance company.

University Health Center Medical Insurance Form (pdf)

Health Fee

The health fee is mandatory for full time students. Students taking 5 or fewer units must pay the health fee if they choose to use the health center. For more information about services covered by the health fee please see the Health Fee page.

Health History

Please be sure that your student is aware of any allergies to medications and chronic conditions that he/she may have.

Medical Records and Confidentiality

In the state of Georgia, individuals over the age of 18 can determine who can have access to their medical records. The University Health Center is stringent about guarding patient confidentiality.

Healthy Decision Making

Your first year student will be making many decisions that will impact their health and their academic success at UGA. We offer free programs to support your student through these decisions, like our #BeWellUGA events and the Fontaine Mentor Programs. In addition, we recommend you talk to your student about topics including alcohol and drug use, sexual health decision making, eating and nutrition and handling stress.

Health Center Services and How To Use Them

The health center has twelve clinics and departments offering a variety of medical, counseling, and prevention services for your students.