Nutrition Services

Individual nutrition counseling, seminars, and classes are offered by the Registered Dietitian. For information on fees or to make an appointment please call the Health Promotion Department at 706-542-8690.

If you have scheduled an appointment for individual nutrition counseling, please complete a 3-day Food Record and bring it with you to your appointment.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Using a holistic approach to nutrition and health, registered dietitians at the University Health Center provide knowledge and practical skills according to each client’s individual needs and preferences to help them reach their health and wellness goals. Rather than focusing on specific numbers (i.e., calories, weight, etc.), nutrition counseling focuses on helping students make sustainable, positive lifestyle and behavior changes. Nutritionists can assist students in moving away from the diet mentality, addressing barriers to making changes toward a healthier lifestyle, identifying small behavior changes that can impact overall health and wellness, and improving their overall relationship with food.

Common topics that can be addressed in nutrition counseling:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Making health promoting choices while eating out
  • Eating healthfully on a budget
  • Intuitive/competent/balanced eating that includes room for all foods
  • Strategies for overcoming emotional eating
  • Creating sustainable, healthful lifestyle habits
  • Eating to fuel activity (recreational athletes)

Because behavior change does not happen overnight, we encourage students to attend multiple nutrition counseling sessions.


Initial visit: $40 (fees paid), $80 (non fees paid)
30 minute follow-up visit: $20 (fees paid), $40 (non fees paid)
15 minute visit: $10 (fees paid), $20 (non fees paid)
Med Gem: $25 (fees paid), $50 (non fees paid)
Nutrition Kitchen Cooking Class: $5

Cooking Classes in the UHC Nutrition Kitchen

In the Nutrition Kitchen, the UHC registered dietitian teaches students how to choose budget-friendly, healthy food ingredients and prepare them into delicious, easy meals. Students get the opportunity to practice healthy cooking techniques, and afterwards enjoy the meal prepared in class. Class size is limited to 12 students and the cost is $5.00 per student. Please call 706-543-8690 to sign up, or go to for more information.

Metabolic Rate Testing

The MedGem® indirect calorimeter by HealtheTech is a handheld portable device that determines measured resting metabolic rate* (RMR). The Registered Dietitian can use the MedGem device to help individuals design an appropriate and healthy eating plan for weight gain, loss or maintenance. Call 706-542-8690 for more information.

*RMR is calculated using the Weir equation. The Weir equation and a constant RQ value of 0.85 (RMR=6.931d X VO2) is used to convert VO2 to RMR. Weir, J.B., New Methods of Calculating Metabolic Rate with Special Reference to Protein Metabolism. J Physiol. 1949; 109:1-9.

For Anyone Who Needs Help With An Eating Disorder:

University Health Center provides a variety of services for students with eating and body image issues, including an evaluation, short-term individual therapy, nutritional counseling, medical assistance, and/or other services as appropriate. These services are provided by a multi-disciplinary eating disorders treatment team.

For information about accessing services, please call 706-542-2273 or check the CAPS website: There are fees for some services.

Cholesterol Screening

The University Health Center offers cholesterol and lipid profiles through the Medical Clinic clinicians. During the month of February, total cholesterol screening is offered at no charge for students and minimal charge for faculty and staff. For more information about cholesterol, visit Cholesterol and Your Health or the National Institute of Health.

Peer Nutrition Educators

For all students interested in food and nutrition information. Peer Nutrition Educators are nutrition and dietetics students who work with the Registered Dietitians at Food Services and the University Health Center to offer fun and informative programs to any interested student group.

Popular program topics include Healthy Weight Management and Eating on the Run, although other topics are available upon request.
To schedule a program call:
706 542-8690 - University Health Center or 706 542-7313 - UGA Food Services.

Peer Nutrition Advisement
Free, peer educator-led sessions that are open to all UGA students and supervised by campus registered dietitians. Sessions are 40 minutes in length with the goal of helping students meet their nutrition and wellness goals. Email to sign up.

Campus Nutrition Resources

UGA Food Services

For students on the meal plan:
Services provided include individual counseling, nutrition education stations, and an Eating Smart class offered Fall & Spring semesters.

All services are offered only to students on the meal plan and are free of charge.

For more information or to make an appointment please call the Katherine Ingerson, RD, LD, at 706-542-7313 or email You can also visit the UGA Food Services website at

Student Athletes

For UGA student athletes only:
Nutrition services are provided to athletes at the University of Georgia by Maria Breen MS, RD, LD. Services include one-on-one counseling, dietary assessment, body composition assessment, team nutrition talks, and overall nutrition evaluation. For more information contact Maria Breen by email:

Classes for Credit

For students of all majors:
FDNS 2100

The College of Family and Consumer Sciences offers a course in general nutrition titled Human Nutrition and Food. The focus of the class is to understand the relationship of nutrition and food choices to achieve optimal health of the individual throughout his or her life cycle.

For more information please call 706-542-4847.

Online Resources

Sites with nutrition information and great links:
University Health Center

Web MD Health

The National Women’s Health Information Center

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

Gatorade Sports Science Institute (sports nutrition)