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Poster: More Fruits, More Veggies, More Smarts

Why More Fruits and Veggies?

  • vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals
  • good health
  • energy
  • healthy weight

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Why Should Your Plate Look Like a Box of Crayolas?

How Do I Get More Veggies and Fruits in My Diet?

Poster: More Fruits, More Veggies, More Passion


  • Make fruits and vegetables more visible.
  • Keep a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter or table.
  • Store fruits and vegetables ready to eat on the top shelf of the refrigerator.


  • Add fruit or juice in the morning.
  • Drink a cup of 100% juice.
  • Slice a banana or put berries in your cereal.
  • Top waffles or pancakes with yogurt, fruit or applesauce.
  • Grab a piece of fruit or a canned fruit cup as you head out the door.

Poster: More Fruits, More Veggies, More Love Lunch...

  • Snack on veggies or fruit anytime - try carrots, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,
    grapes or kiwi.
  • Microwave a cup of vegetables while making your sandwich at lunchtime.
  • Have a little peanut butter with an apple or banana for a high-energy snack.
  • Replenish your carbs after a workout with fruit or 100% juice.


  • Steam broccoli for 5 minutes and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • Stir fry thin slices of zucchini and yellow squash for 1 minute in a little vegetable oil;
    sprinkle with parmesan or Asiago cheese.
  • Poster: More Fruits, More Veggies, More Jazz
  • Pierce a medium sweet potato with a fork; microwave on high 4-5 minutes.

More tips!

What is a Serving?

For those who say eating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day sounds difficult, think again.

One serving size is defined as:

1/2 Cup (4 oz.) 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice
One medium fruit (e.g. apple, orange, banana, pear)
1/2 Cup cut-up fruit
1/2 Cup raw or cooked vegetables
1/4 Cup dried fruit (e.g. raisins, apricots, mango)
1 Cup raw, leafy vegetables
1/2 Cup cooked or canned peas or beans
Poster: More Fruits, More Veggies, More Power

Be creative about eating a variety of fruits and vegetables each day.

For Recipes and More Information About Fruits and Vegetables:

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