Is the Mentor Program for You?

Consider participating in the Mentor Program if you have any of the following concerns:

Academic Concerns

  • Poor grades, procrastinate, and/or bad study habits
  • Feel like it is time to be more serious about school
  • Undecided or unhappy with current major
  • Unsure of how to progress in your major or achieve goals
  • Want to network with faculty and staff in your major
  • Not sure what you can do in your major or if it is the best fit
  • Feel overwhelmed

Social Concerns

  • Would like to be more involved in student clubs and organizations
  • Unsure about how to get involved at UGA
  • Want to find interesting things to do on campus or around town
  • Want to make new friends
  • Looking for alternatives to downtown
  • Want to better balance school, social life, and other responsibilities

Personal Concerns

  • Feel stressed, anxious, unsure about yourself, and/or lost
  • Ready to make changes and want some help and direction making them
  • Want to get back on track after getting in trouble
  • Conflict between what you and your parents want
  • Want more accountability
  • Want an older adult to talk to for support and guidance
  • Want time for self-reflection

One Mentee’s Testimonial

“As I reflect on my experience last semester with the mentorship program, I can easily recognize the influence the program has had on myself. When entering the program last semester, I was very skeptical, thinking that a mentor was unnecessary and just another task to tackle in my already busy schedule. I shortly learned that although this program was result of my actions outside of the university, I could grow closer to the university through the program. I established a long lasting relationship with my mentor and opened many new doors through networking with the assist of my mentor. These opportunities felt almost impossible to me before participating in the program, and now many of my friends are envious of the connections I have built. I hate it that you have to be in some form of trouble to accesses these great connections, but I can speak as a participate of the program that my UGA experience has changed for the best, by helping me successfully manage and execute my time both inside both inside and outside of the classroom.”

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