Mentor Resources: Tips

General Tips

  • Be prepared
  • Articulate clear expectations
  • Actively listen
  • Be a positive role model
  • Maintain boundaries
  • Share personal experiences and insights
  • Provide a different breath of experience
  • Provide tailored guidance and support
  • Create a safe environment for self-exploration and examination
  • Enable growth and self-efficacy
  • Acknowledge achievements
  • Give and ask for feedback
  • Have fun and be creative!

Things that Really Impress Mentees

  • Genuineness – “He’s is interested in you no matter what.”
  • Treating them as a peer – “He didn’t talk to me like I was below him. He talked to me like I was a person.”
  • Caring – “It was nice to have an older adult care about me.”
  • Remembering what was said in the last meeting – “Even if we didn’t meet for two weeks, she would remember what we had talked about.”
  • Openness – “Right off the bat, he was approachable. He told me how he could have gotten in trouble because of stuff he did. He made it seem like he was understanding and approachable.”
  • Networking - “I made a good friend and he helped me meet more professors.”
  • Exploring Athens and Campus – “Since [mentor] was from Athens and I didn’t know anything but downtown, I asked her to show me her favorite places.”
  • The relationship—“He’s awesome and we’ve had some good conversations about a lot of stuff.”
  • Lunch - “[Mentor] knows all the good places.”