Mentee Comments and Testimonials

“The mentor program helped with perseverance and finding my inner-strength. My mentor made me more optimistic about life and guided me in my own path. The mentor program will be able to aid students on life choices and decisions and also prepare them for the future. Also, they might just make a new friend.”

“The mentor program helped me reflect upon the decisions I made in the past, and think about why it was uncharacteristic of me. The mentor program helped me come to grips with my mistakes, and help me use them as constructive reinforcement for the future.”

“Thanks for checking in. I am doing well and [my mentor] and I still keep in touch, as much as two busy individuals can at least. We get lunch/coffee about once every month or two. I am doing really well in school, and continuing to bring up my GPA, clinging on to hopes of getting into med school. I am also working for a start-up lab… that is just getting going, but shows a lot of promise and is really exciting and beneficial to work for. In the past year I have seen and felt a lot of improvement and maturity in myself mentally, and I have received a lot of positive feedback from family and friends. After my last incident, I really took it seriously that I had adopted some ways of thinking that were detrimental to myself and my future dreams. I made a commitment to learning some tools that I could incorporate into my daily life to help take charge of my thoughts and actions (logs, goal-oriented behavior, thinking in context, taking time to slow down, staying organized, etc.). I believe the mentor program helped me out immensely in this aspect.”

“In my opinion, you really have to want to change for the mentor program to be of any value to you. And the mentor program can only be one piece of a larger puzzle. It takes initiative and constant effort to see changes in yourself, but the mentor program provides you with an invaluable pathway for progress. My mentor not only provided me with a really comfortable environment to talk about things I truly couldn’t or didn’t talk about with anyone else, but he also paved the way for me to meet really important people and learn about very relevant programs at UGA that have helped me immensely to build my resume, find better outlets, clubs and social groups, and find other people and opportunities that are geared toward helping me reach my goals. The mentors are there because they have had mentors in the past and truly see the benefit of having one. They really want to help you, wherever you may be in life, and they do everything they can do to help get you on a better track than you were before you started.”

“The mentor program helped me work through my unresolved and unspoken issues, it helped me find new resources, and most of all, it helped me find myself and in doing so mature and realize the long-term goals that were the most important for myself and my happiness. The hardest part is realizing that you do need some help figuring out this thing called life, and that you can’t do it on your own and by your own rules. Once you come to those conclusions, you realize that there are people and programs everywhere you go, set up to help you along your path.”

“The mentor program overall was an extremely helpful program. I won’t lie, at first I was skeptical of the program. I thought it was going to be a hassle to go through with annoying assignments that I had to turn in. My first thoughts were that I was going to meet with some person that was going to tell me how I should live my life and how I should change my path for the better (like some counselor), but I could not have been more wrong. The first meeting with my mentor revealed to me that the program was not going to be anything like I had expected. It was very obvious that [my mentor] genuinely cared about helping me in any way he could. It was very nice to have someone that I could meet with once a week and not have to worry about school and other things that might cause stress in my life. [My Mentor] helped me not only with school related things, but also with things that I found difficult in everyday life. He really helped me learn how to properly manage stress and showed me that there are certain times to when stress is necessary. He also showed me that stressing about everything does more harm than good. More… Where I thought stress was simply something that helped motivate me to get things done and stay on top of assignment, he showed me that not stressing about many things can lead to better performance in school and just life in general. [My mentor] also helped me in many ways that I never thought would be possible, such as introducing me to some of his co-workers and other faculty members that taught classes that I might end up taking in the long run. He opened many doors that I truly didn’t even know were there to be opened so to speak. It was very apparent to me that his goal was to be as helpful as possible. He didn’t care what happened that led to me having to be in the program, nor did he even ask about it, which was something that I thought was awesome. It only made it more obvious that he was there to help me in any way he possibly could. Overall, the program in my opinion was really awesome. It allowed me to see the bigger picture when it comes to the great university I attend. It’s now clear to me that the you guys (all faculty and staff included) are not just mindless zombies working non-stop to get a paycheck (not that I thought that before AT ALL), but that you genuinely care about every student that attends the University of Georgia and your goal is to make sure we (the students) truly LOVE being at the university. My only problem with the program is that it isn’t open for everyone !! It is such an awesome program and ANYONE AND EVERYONE could benefit from it. I’m extremely glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the program and look forward to being in touch with my mentor in the future. Thank you again for all the help and advice.”