Mentor Resources: Non-Compliance

During the Initial Interview, mentees are told to be on time, to show up, or to call if they are running late or cannot make a scheduled meeting. However, some students are not very well organized, conscientious, and/or forgetful. Sometimes they get on the wrong bus, oversleep an alarm, or other unexpected things happen. Any of us can be late or forget about a meeting. BUT, when your mentee is chronically late, repeatedly misses appointments, or blatantly does not show up when they said they would, then consider:

  • During the first meeting it is very important to set clear expectations around your time, about being late, and about calling if something comes up. You should make it clear that you will hold yourself to the same standards. You may also state potential consequences.
  • If the mentee is late or no-shows, this is a great opportunity to talk about responsibility, integrity, time management, or whatever issue seems to underlie the mentee’s tardiness. Use the mentee’s non-compliance as an opportunity for growth. You might consider a writing assignment or other task that helps them address the underlying issue. Again, tasks should be designed to help the student grow. Task should not be punishments.
  • Consult with the Program Coordinator if your mentee is consistently late, absent or disrespectful.
  • The Program Coordinator will be glad to send an email, make a call, or meet with a student to remind them of the expectations of the program and the potential consequences that can be imposed by the program.