Mentor Resources: Assignments

Mentees must keep a Mentor Meeting Log and complete the following assignments:

The Mentor Meeting Log serves two purposes. One purpose is for accountability. The student must keep track of the meetings. You will sign it at the last meeting. The second purpose is to make the mentee reflect on the meeting. In addition to recording the meeting, the mentee must write a short summary of the meeting.

The Mission Statement and Goal assignments are designed to help the mentee develop a sense of purpose:

“[Sense of purpose] entails an increasing ability to be intentional, to assess interests and options, to clarify goals, to make plans, and to persist despite obstacles”
(Chickering & Reisser, p. 209).

The reflection exercise is designed to help the mentee reflect on his or hers experience and to help us assess the long term influence of the program on the mentee.

You may find it helpful to complete the assignments for yourself. Some mentors have worked the assignments along with their mentees. Your role is to help the student identify values, goals, and personal mission. How you help them is up to you.