Mentor Program Logistics

Program Entry

Initial Interview

  • Call 706-542-8690 and ask to schedule an appointment in the Health Promotion Department of the University Health Center
    • Specify that it is for an Initial Interview for the Mentor Program

  • The purpose of the Initial Interview is to:

    • Match students to a faculty/staff mentor
    • Discuss program expectations, assignments, and due dates for assignments

  • Within 24 hours of the Initial Interview, the mentee must email the mentor to set up the first meeting.

Mentor Meetings

  • Mentees must meet with their mentors for one hour at least eight times and complete all required assignments and documentation.
  • How to Be an Excellent Mentee (pdf)
  • Every two weeks, mentees will be asked by email to provide a brief progress report.

Exit Interview

  • At the end of the program, call 706-542-8690 to schedule an Exit Interview for the Mentor Program.
  • The purpose of the Exit Interview is to:
    • Discuss how the mentee benefited from the program
    • Discuss how the mentee will use this experience as he/she moves forward
    • Complete the post-test questionnaire and satisfaction survey

Required Forms (pdf)