Mentor Resources: Flow of Program

Step 1: Referral to program
Many students self-refer into the program after hearing about it from a friend. The program also accepts referrals, as appropriate, from other offices and individuals within the UGA community. The Office of Student Conduct and the Fontaine Center are the most frequent referral sources.

Step 2: Initial interview
The mentee then schedules and attends an initial interview session with the Program Coordinator. The purpose of the initial interview is three-fold: To ensure that the student understands the expectations of the program, to set a deadline for the completion of the program, and to begin the collaborative relationship between the student and Program Coordinator.

Step 3: Mentor matching
Following the initial interview, the Program Coordinator contacts the student within 24-hours with information about potential mentors; the Program Coordinator will only ever share information provided on the mentor information sheet. Once the student chooses a mentor, it is then the student’s responsibility to reach out and start the mentoring relationship.

Step 4: Personal mission statement
The Personal Mission Statement assignment helps students identify who they are and who they want to be. The statement is definitive and aspirational. Before writing the Mission Statement, the student identifies three core values, three characteristics, and three skills/talents. Then, the student considers these answers as a whole to come up with one cohesive statement.

Step 5: Developing goals assignment
Following completion of the Personal Mission Statement, students identify two (2) goals in each of five (5) life areas. The goals may be long or short term. From these ten goals, they pick three goals and write an action plan for achieving them.

Step 6: Exit meeting
After the eighth meeting with their mentor, students meet with the Program Coordinator for an Exit Meeting. The purpose of the Exit Meeting is to reflect on the mentor experience and anticipate how the student can use the experience moving forward.

Prior to the Exit Meeting, the Program Coordinator may email the mentor to ask for feedback about the student: How it was working with the student, areas in which they grew, areas to continue to work on, etc.