Mentor Resources: Engaging Mentees

Some students are more ready to engage with a mentor than other students.

Keep in mind, most mentees in this program:

  • Are first or second year students
  • Are having at least some trouble getting engaged at UGA
  • May have never been in a mentoring relationship
  • Probably do not know how to effectively utilize a mentor
  • May be uncomfortable talking about themselves
  • Are likely to get caught up in the stress of school and forget about you

Also, be aware that some students may be working 20 or more hours and may have family or other issues impacting their time and attention.

Considering finding activities to do outside of your office as a way to help the student relax and feel more comfortable around you. Activities are a great way to show the student what Athens and the UGA campus have to offer. Engaging in activities is also a way to share your interests and to help them identify their passions.

Feel free to contact Program Coordinator for suggestions about how to engage with your mentee.

Consult with other mentors in the program.