Mentor Resources: Activities

Other than helping the mentee with the assignments, you and your mentee are free to meet where you want and to engage in any activities of interest (within reasonable expectations).

Things Mentors and Mentees have actually done:

  • Met at a different lunch place for each meeting
  • Met for coffee at MLC or at local establishments
  • Attended Hunter-Holmes and other campus lectures
  • Dissected a brain
  • Attended Ted Talk
  • Attended Football, Baseball and other sporting events
  • Met for breakfast in downtown Athens
  • Took walking tour of campus
  • Took a tour of buildings along a bus line
  • Did pottery at a local art studio
  • Toured Botanical Gardens, the Art Museum, the Vault of The Special Collections Library
  • Attended International Student Coffee Hour
  • Drove to the Iron Horse
  • Worked out at Ramsey or off campus
  • Had mentee help with a work related project
  • Found space in office for mentee to work on school work
  • Connected mentee with resources and people of interest on and off campus
  • Developed mentee’s plan of study
  • Visited the GBI

Additional Resources