UHC Renovation Updates

Exciting News!

The University Health Center Medical Clinic Blue and Medical Clinic Green will be undergoing extensive renovations this summer! This renovation is focused on improving exam room spaces and flow within the clinic, as well as updating our 20 year old building.

As we rejuvenate and refresh these two clinics, we will include new exam tables and other medical equipment as part of the renovation. You can expect to see a warm and inviting space with a clean and modern appearance.

Both Medical Clinic Blue and Medical Clinic Green are open and seeing patients in an alternate location this summer.
If you have an appointment in Medical Clinic Blue or Medical Clinic Green, please go to the second floor and follow signs to the alternate clinic space.

Appointments can be scheduled online or by phone:
Medical Clinic Blue:  706-542-8654
Medical Clinic Green:  706-542-8650
Either Clinic:  706-542-8666

UGA student walks in front of the University Health Center