UHC Health Savings Fund

The University Health Center is proud to announce the UHC Health Savings Fund for health and wellness expenses that occur during your student’s career at UGA.

The purpose of the fund is to provide parents ease of mind when their student needs medical, mental or wellness care.

You never know when life will throw in an unexpected incident, such as a chipped tooth, lost eyeglasses, a twisted ankle, x-rays, and the list goes on. At UHC, we’ve got your student covered with our integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to care.

How does it work?

A parent may credit a student’s account at the University Health Center $100, $200, $500 or more.
The funds can be used when a student needs care at one of our medical, wellness and mental health clinics at the University Health Center.

For more information on the UHC Health Savings Fund, simply call our Business Services Department at 706-542-8621.