Program Request

The Health Promotion department of the University Health Center offers a variety of educational programs designed specifically for UGA students. The general program areas include Alcohol and Other Drugs, General Health, Nutrition and Eating Concerns, Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention, and Sexual Health. We strive to make our programs a fun and interactive way for students to learn about healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Please call 706-542-8655 to request a program.

Not sure which program is best for you?

Learn more about the wide range of programs we offer.

Thinking of requesting a program? Here are some considerations:

  • Programs are available for a classroom format, residence hall programs and events, and other student organizations.
  • Programs typically last about an hour, but may be adjusted with prior arrangements with the person or people presenting.
  • We require at least 2 weeks of notice prior to program date.
  • We encourage a minimum attendance of 10 people. Knowing the size of the group helps us plan appropriately for activities and the structure of the program.
  • What kind of program format is best for your group? We can provide programs using a Powerpoint for classrooms, but we find that a more interactive, informal program works best for residence halls and student organizations.
  • Does the program you requested require use of a computer, projection system, DVD player and/or a television? Please make sure these items are available or accessible at the time of the program.
  • Expecting a small or a large group? Please arrange for an appropriate space for your attendees to feel comfortable to listen and ask questions freely.

Need some ideas to encourage attendance?

  • Work together with another organization or housing staff member to combine groups
  • Create an interesting or fun theme for your program
  • Advertise using posters and flyers and announce the upcoming program during meetings with your group
  • Offer incentives for your group, such as snacks or other refreshments