Fontaine Mentor Programs: Faculty/Staff Program

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The Fontaine Faculty/Staff Mentor Program matches undergraduate and graduate students with a trained UGA faculty or staff member for one semester. Together, mentor/mentee pairs co-create a relationship centered on making the most of the UGA experience.

Mentors have the opportunity to help students:

  • Become more engaged in the campus community
  • Learn critical out-of-classroom life skills
  • Connect to campus and community resources
  • Develop a sense of belongingness at UGA
  • Network with other UGA faculty and staff

Getting Started

Are you a student interested in working with a mentor? How about a faculty or staff member passionate about mentoring students? Visit our JOIN US! Page for more information on how to get started.

Program Logistics

The Commitment: Mentors

Faculty and staff are required to attend a one-time, 75 minute training facilitated by the Program Coordinator before being matched with a student. Other time commitments include:

  • Completing a mentor information worksheet to assist in the matching process
  • Meeting with your assigned mentee for approximately one hour on eight separate occasions
  • Verifying the student’s continued engagement in the program by email

The Commitment: Mentees

Mentees are required to be proactive in scheduling, confirming, and punctually attending all scheduled meetings with their mentor. Mentees are also required to:

The Matching Process

A thoughtful mentor and mentee match is the foundation of any successful mentor relationship. Our goal is to match students with mentors who have similar interests, values, and backgrounds, and/or who might have a skill set that would benefit a particular student.

To help us with the matching, you will be asked to complete a brief information sheet before starting the program. The Program Coordinator will provide you with the information sheet when you register to attend a training or schedule an intake session.

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Questions about the Fontaine Mentor Programs?

Please call the UHC Health Promotion Department (706-542-8690) or contact Molly Dunn.