Dawgs Use Rxs Responsibly

RResponsible prescription medication use means taking medication as directed, keeping them in a safe place, and disposing of them properly.

XDo not take prescription drugs differently than how they are prescribed. Always consult with your medical provider or pharmacist if you think you need a different medication or dosage. Do not share your prescription with someone else or leave unused medications sitting around.

There is a lot of information available about prescription drug abuse, so keep in mind these messages about responsible use (pdf).

Most college students who misuse or abuse prescription drugs get them from a friend, roommate or relative, so proper storage and declining requests to share (pdf) medication are critical to safe medication use.

Pharmacists provide individual counseling and promote consumer awareness, so utilize their expertise when learning how to properly take your medications.

The safest way to dispose of unused or expired medications is to use a local drop box. There are three Athens area drop boxes: the UGA Police Department, the Clarke County Jail and the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office.

Partnership for Safer Medication Use

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A Healthy Dawg knows the Rx. Be a Safe and Smart Dawg! Learn the prescription - Rx - for safer medication use by clicking on the Rx.)
  1. Dawgs take Rx as directed
  2. Dawgs don’t mix Rx pills with alcohol
  3. Dawgs use Rxs responsibly
  4. Dawgs call 911 for Rx emergencies
  5. Dawgs don’t share Rxs
  6. Dawgs ask professionals about Rxs
  7. Dawgs study Rx safe
  8. Dawgs drop box the Rx leftovers

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