Dawgs Take Rx as Directed

RRespect the power of medications. Take as prescribed.

XDo not take prescription medications without medical approval. Like illicit drugs, prescription medications can be dangerous with potentially serious consequences if misused or abused.

Prescription drug misuse means taking a prescription in a dosage other than directed, or taking someone else’s prescription. Prescription medications are intended to be taken only by the individual the medication is prescribed for, to treat or manage certain illnesses and conditions.

Prescription drug abuse indicates taking a prescription medication recreationally.

Both can be extremely dangerous.

Studies have shown that students who have used and abused prescription medications were more likely to have used illegal drugs.
Listen to some of your peers discuss their experience with prescription abuse.

While prescription drug misuse and abuse is a growing problem, know that the majority of college students do not abuse prescription medication.

Get advice from other students on healthier ways to deal with stress.

Partnership for Safer Medication Use

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A Healthy Dawg knows the Rx. Be a Safe and Smart Dawg! Learn the prescription - Rx - for safer medication use by clicking on the Rx.)
  1. Dawgs take Rx as directed
  2. Dawgs don’t mix Rx pills with alcohol
  3. Dawgs use Rxs responsibly
  4. Dawgs call 911 for Rx emergencies
  5. Dawgs don’t share Rxs
  6. Dawgs ask professionals about Rxs
  7. Dawgs study Rx safe
  8. Dawgs drop box the Rx leftovers

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