Be an Informed Dawg!

While this information applies to all prescription medication, we are especially concerned about the use of prescription stimulants (e.g., Adderall and Vyvanse), benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax, Klonopin), and opiates (e.g. hydrocodone, OxyContin). While these medications can be very helpful when properly prescribed and used, they are very dangerous when misused.

A Healthy Dawg knows the Rx. Be a Safe and Smart Dawg! Learn the prescription - Rx - for safer medication use by clicking on the Rx.)

  1. Dawgs take Rx as directed
  2. Dawgs don’t mix Rx pills with alcohol
  3. Dawgs use Rxs responsibly
  4. Dawgs call 911 for Rx emergencies
  5. Dawgs don’t share Rxs
  6. Dawgs ask professionals about Rxs
  7. Dawgs study Rx safe
  8. Dawgs drop box the Rx leftovers

We got your BAC and more!

Always remember: #DawgsTakeAsDirected

Call The Fontaine Center at 706-542-8690 if you have:

  • any concerns about your use
  • any concerns about a friend’s use
  • would like more information

Partnership for Safer Medication Use

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