Dawgs Dropbox RX Leftovers

RRemember to properly discard the leftover medications.

XDo not leave leftover medication lying around or flush them down the toilet.

  • Discard old or expired medications in a safe way! Utilizing drop boxes prevents medications from ending up in our water supply or in the hands of others.
  • Local medication drop boxes are available all over Georgia! Check out the interactive map of locations.
  • Additionally, UGA PD has a “no questions asked” policy to accept illegal drugs in their drop box on campus.
  • Can’t make it to a drop box? There are alternate methods to safely dispose of meds at home.
  • Questions or concerns? Your UHC Pharmacists are here to help!

Partnership for Safer Medication Use

Fontaine Center UGA College of Pharmacy logo

A Healthy Dawg knows the Rx. Be a Safe and Smart Dawg! Learn the prescription - Rx - for safer medication use by clicking on the Rx.)
  1. Dawgs take Rx as directed
  2. Dawgs don’t mix Rx pills with alcohol
  3. Dawgs use Rxs responsibly
  4. Dawgs call 911 for Rx emergencies
  5. Dawgs don’t share Rxs
  6. Dawgs ask professionals about Rxs
  7. Dawgs study Rx safe
  8. Dawgs drop box the Rx leftovers

The following partners have collaborated
to provide you with this information on how to
safely use prescription medications:
The UHC Fontaine Center
UHC Health Promotion Department
UHC Pharmacy
UGA College of Pharmacy