CAPS: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - Supervision

Each Postdoctoral Fellow will be assigned two psychologists to serve as clinical supervisors. One of these (primary supervisor) will be assigned for the entire year. The other supervisor (secondary) may be assigned for the entire year if mutually desired, or may rotate to another senior staff member mid-way through the training year. Fellows will meet with each member of the training faculty for an hour during the first week of the Fellowship. After meeting with all potential supervisors, Fellows will turn in a list of their choices for supervisors and rotation to the training director. The training director will then consider all requests and make appropriate assignments.

After assignment to a primary and secondary supervisor, Fellows may have the opportunity to choose which group they would like to co-lead. The Fellow will receive clinical supervision in the area of group interventions from their co-leader.

Supervisors will complete evaluations of the Postdoctoral Fellows at the mid-year point (mid February) and then again at the completion of the Fellowship. The primary supervisor is responsible for providing verbal and written feedback to the Fellow at both points during the training year. In keeping with Georgia State law as well as APA and APPIC guidelines, Fellows will be informed of concerns as soon as possible should they emerge.

The Fellow’s primary and secondary supervisor will be licensed psychologists. Fellows planning to work in a particular geographical location are encouraged to contact the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards ( or the specific State Board(s) to determine unique licensing requirements. Currently, the list of eligible supervisors includes:
Dr. Sandrine Bosshardt
Dr. Shannon Bowles
Dr. Al Clarke
Dr. Krista Garrett
Dr. Angela Hahn
Dr. Austin Shedden
Dr. Arial Treankler
Dr. Monica Williams

As stated above, Postdoctoral Fellows are provided a written evaluation as the mid-year point (end of January) and at the end of their Fellowship by the director of training. The Fellows are also given the opportunity to provide feedback verbally and in written form about their Postdoctoral training experience and supervision to the director of training.