CAPS: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - Goals, Objectives and Competencies

Postdoctoral Fellows will work in close collaboration with senior staff and will function as professionals with many of the same responsibilities. Fellows attend all case conferences, professional development workshops, and staff meetings.

The following goals have been established for the Postdoctoral Fellowship at CAPS:

  1. To provide an advanced training experience for Fellows in the delivery of a wide range of psychological services including evaluation, treatment planning, short term psychotherapy, group therapy, consultation, and outreach programming to a university population
  3. To provide Fellows with experiences which will prepare them to function as a licensed psychologist in a university or other outpatient setting; clinical supervision, materials and time to prepare for the national licensing examination, and administrative supervision will be provided to realize this goal


Below are listed the objectives for the Postdoctoral Fellowship at CAPS:

  1. To advance the Fellows’ proficiency in the delivery of a broad range of psychological interventions. Fellows will provide various clinical services including individual counseling, crisis intervention, phone screening, walk-in assessment, and group therapy
  3. To advance the Fellows’ skill in outreach and workshop presentations by having Fellows provide a variety of outreach services to the University community through workshops, seminars, and class presentations
  5. To advance the Fellows’ skills in initial assessment, conceptualization, diagnostic interviewing, and crisis management by having Fellows provide approximately 4 hours of walk-in service per week and on call coverage
  7. To advance the development of the Fellow as a professional psychologist including the enhancement of ethical decision making skills. Opportunities will also be provided for Fellows to interact with other professionals in the community (e.g. attending Athens Area Psychological Association meetings), through professional development presentations, and interacting with other entities on a college campus


Below are listed the competencies for the Postdoctoral Fellowship at CAPS:

  1. Fellows will develop advanced competencies in providing short term psychotherapy and crisis intervention for a university population. This includes the ability to determine which clients are not appropriate for a short term model of treatment.
  3. Fellows will continue to develop their awareness of cultural and individual differences in their work with clients and will demonstrate sensitivity to client diversity.
  5. Fellows will demonstrate professionalism in their relationships with clients, faculty, and other mental health professionals; this includes a demonstration of knowledge of ethical principles.