CAPS: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - Professional Activities and Time Commitment

Direct service hours: approximately 21 hours
(individual, group, and/or couples counseling, outreach, walk-in, phone triage, on-call)

The expectation is that each Fellow will do approximately three hours of in-person screening/triage, and the balance of the time will be primarily individual/group counseling (16-18 hours). Postdoctoral Fellows will also be part of the on-call rotation approximately two days per month.

Indirect service hours: approximately 19 hours
(supervision, case notes, meetings, professional development)

Postdoctoral Fellows may have the opportunity during Spring Semester to provide supervision to counseling/clinical psychology Ph.D. students who are completing practicum hours at CAPS. Supervision of supervision will be provided by a CAPS training staff psychologist.

A Professional Development group is also offered on a weekly basis. In this group, postdoctoral fellows along with the training director discuss professional issues (e.g. ethical concerns, APA practice guidelines) as they arise during the year. This group also offers a place to discuss personal reactions/concerns and to give and receive support.