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Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Welcome to CAPS!

We are dedicated to helping you with your concerns by listening to you deeply and with an objective ear, helping you make better decisions in your life, and helping you examine your thoughts and behaviors to see what needs to be changed to help you maximize your potential.

CAPS offers short-term individual, group, and couples therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring, psychological assessment, and makes referrals to campus and community resources when appropriate. We are also committed to providing the University community with expertise in the areas of consultation and outreach. In addition, we provide high quality training and supervision for advanced trainees. CAPS is dedicated to offering services while having respect for others, a deep appreciation for diversity, and compassion for the people we serve.

Missed Appointments

Appointments are required. If necessary, cancel or reschedule your appointment by 5:00pm on the business day before the scheduled appointment to prevent a $30 charge or $50 for testing cancellations.

Mental Health Crisis: During work hours: 706-542-2273, After hours: 706-542-2200

Location, Hours, and Contact Information

CAPS is located on the second floor of the University Health Center, on the corner of College Station and East Campus Roads.

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

Contact Information:
Phone: 706-542-2273
After Hour Mental Health Crisis: 706-542-2200 (UGA Police -- ask for clinician on-call)

Concerned About a Student?

Coping with Trauma: Helping Your College Student
Information for Parents
Faculty and Staff Concerned About Students
Guidelines for Housing Staff
How to Refer a Student to CAPS
Referral Resources

Statement of Confidentiality

Under Georgia law, mental health records are privileged and confidential. NO ONE outside the University Health Center (UHC) professional staff may have access to your records, and NO ONE outside the UHC may be given information without your consent. Exceptions to confidentiality may occur only under certain circumstances. These exceptions include serious immediate threat to your life or welfare or to the life or welfare of another person or the university community. For additional information, please see our Statement of Confidentiality.

Commitment to Diversity

CAPS strives to provide quality care that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of our diverse students. We recognize that all people are cultural beings who are influenced by race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual identity or orientation, age, disability, religion, and other aspects of culture. CAPS is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment. We are dedicated to culturally relevant and appropriate training of our staff. We recognize the importance of increasing access and quality service delivery to traditionally underserved and underrepresented students. We welcome suggestions and input for improvement of our services to our diverse students at the University of Georgia.

Check Your Mental Health

Online Self-Assessment
(Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress)
e-CHUG: Online Self Assessment for Alcohol

Relaxation Exercises

You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire before listening to the exercises.