FREE Well-being and Prevention Programs

#BeWellUGA is the place to find FREE well-being and prevention programs, events, and services hosted by the University Health Center. Check out all the amazing classes and services geared towards helping UGA students thrive physically, mentally, and socially.


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How can BeWellUGA help you?

BeWellUGA serves as a central mental health and well-being resource for the UGA campus community.

  1. Where can I find free workshops, classes, or services focusing on well-being and mental health, led by clinicians or health educators that can provide me with tools to manage my stress, anxiety, relationships, etc.?
  2. Do you have any virtual programs, resources, or services related to well-being and mental health?
  3. Where do I obtain counseling and therapy?
  4. I am a student leader (or UGA faculty/staff member). How do I request a health educator/clinician-led well-being program or training for my group?

More questions?

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