Stay Safe No Matter Where You Are!

Pre-gaming? Game days in Athens?

  • Set a limit—people who pre-game are likely to drink more and spend more money than those who do not pre-game.
  • Eat a balanced meal of carbohydrates, proteins & fat before drinking, not just carbs.
  • Do not accept pre-mixed punch from large containers. Someone cannot tell how much and what types of alcohol are used to make it or what could be added to it throughout the night.
  • Measure out drinks & ALWAYS know what is in your cup. 1 drink = 1.5 oz. of 80 proof liquor.
  • Avoid drinking games or play with water instead.


  • Use the buddy system. Go together, stay together, go home together!
  • Pace yourself! Drink water in-between alcoholic beverages.
  • Leave your debit card at home. Only bring enough money for your drink limit and a taxi ride home.
  • Have a safe plan to get everyone home safe.

Celebrating or friends visiting from out of town?

  • Even when friends come to visit or you are out celebrating, remember to stay safe! You will have more fun and enjoy the night if you consume responsibly. Blackouts, vomiting & hangovers are no way to spend the next day!

Not drinking alcohol?

  • Check out Do It Sober for fun activities in Athens that don’t involve alcohol.
  • Know the signs of alcohol poisoning so you can help others who may be drinking alcohol! Unresponsive Pale or blue skin: look at lips or fingertips Vomiting while passed out Slow breathing (fewer than 10 breaths per minute) Eyes roll back in head If ANY are present, call 911 immediately!
  • Be a WatchDawg! Even if you don’t know the person stop and help a fellow Dawg in need.

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