Worried About a Friend? How To Help…

Tips to Talk to Someone if Concern Arises:

  • Let the person know you are concerned and care about them. 
  • At times, you may have felt angry, sad, worried or upset. Let them know how you felt using “I” statements instead of “you” statements. (Ex. “I was really scared when…” instead of “You have a problem…”) 
  •   Stick to the facts and use real examples to explain why you are concerned.  If need be, write down a list to stay on topic. (Ex. Last Tuesday you got in a fight but did not remember the next day.)
  •   Tell the individual what you would like to see happen. (Ex. I would like you to visit the Health Center and talk with someone about your alcohol use. They may have some good ideas to help prevent…)
  • Specify what you will and will not do but make sure they are realistic and stick with them. (Ex. I really enjoy our friendship, but I cannot continue to drink with you.) 
  • Be prepared in case the person becomes upset. Recognize low-risk drinkers do not become angry when discussing use. Do not take it personally. 
  • A successful discussion may not result in immediate change! It may take several discussions before a person seeks help. 
  • Feel free to contact the Health Promotion department at 706-542-8690 to schedule a free appointment to talk through your concerns.