The Realms Program

What is the Realms Program?

The Realms Program is a psychoeducational group co-facilitated by The Fontaine Center and Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS). The program provides students with an opportunity to learn about important life skills, how to implement them in their lives, and then have a group discussion about possible roadblocks and how to navigate them successfully with peer input.

Students will participate in five different skills building areas during their time in the program: Decision Making and Impulse Control, Emotional Awareness, Communication Skills, Empathy and Relationship Skills, and Coping Skills for Stress Management.

Who can participate in the Realms Program?

The Realms Program is open to any student committed to completing all five sessions in five successive weeks.

How long is the Realms Program?

Participants must meet with a facilitator for a 30-40 minute intake prior to joining the group. Then the participant will join the group as soon as possible, meeting with the group for five successive weeks. Each session is 60 minutes. After completing the group sessions, participants will complete an online follow up survey concerning their experience.

How to sign up for the Realms Program?

Please contact The Fontaine Center at 706-542-8690 and ask to sign up for the Realms Program.

Is there a fee for the Realms Program?

No, there is not a fee for students. Programs provided by The Fontaine Center will not be billed to your insurance. Please contact our office with questions: 706-542-8690.