AlcoholEdu / Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates Login Error

There has been an error processing your login. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The error you are encountering while attempting to login to the AlcoholEdu / Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates courses is likely the result of your MyID student account having incomplete information. Typically this is a missing email address, although it could be other information.

Please contact UGA EITS for help correcting your account.

Here is what you need to tell EITS:

I am trying to log in to the mandated program AlcoholEdu via UGA Campus CAS.  The login URL is  AlcoholEdu requires an email address to fully register a user and allow them to log in.  Unfortunately, UGA Campus CAS is not returning an email address for my account, so I am unable to log into AlcoholEdu.

The specific field that is needed from UGA Campus CAS is “ugaEmail”.  Because I don’t have a value in this field, I can’t complete AlcoholEdu.  The login page is working for other students, but not for me. A solution EITS has used previously is setting the email flag to “yes” and the ugaEmail field to correct it.  Can you help?