Research Projects at the University Health Center

College Adherence and Transition Study

Do you have a medical condition? If so, please consider participating in the College Adherence & Transition Study!
We are seeking UGA students who are 18 years or older with medical conditions.
The study involves less than one hour of online questionnaires. All of the information you provide is confidential.
Results from this study will be used to help other young adults with medical conditions.

Contact the UGA Pediatric Psychology Lab to participate or for more information: 706-542-8010 /
Principal Investigator: Ronald Blount, Ph.D.
UGA Department of Psychology

Research Study Informational Flyer (pdf)

The purpose of this proposed research study is to examine college students’ preparedness to take responsibility for various healthcare tasks as well as their ability to follow medication routines (i.e., medication adherence). Additionally, this study will investigate factors that may influence this transition of responsibility and medication adherence (e.g., emotional functioning, sleep, coping strategies).

Metformin Research Study with the UGA Kinesiology Department

Do you take metformin? The Kinesiology Department at the University of Georgia is conducting a research study to learn more about metformin’s effects on the body. We are seeking men and women between the ages of 18-75 who are currently taking metformin. The study will involve completion of 3 parts over the course of 2-3 weeks. Participants will wear a glucose monitor for two different 3-day sessions and will be provided meals during this time. Participants will walk on a treadmill for one short session, and two longer sessions.

Research Study Informational Flyer (pdf)

Information gathered from this study may be used to improve future medical treatment. If you participate, you will be provided information about your body composition and health, and also receive a financial incentive. Please contact Melissa Erickson with further questions through e-mail: (best contact method) or phone 706-829-2560.