Mission: Our Reason for Being

The University Health Center exists to advance the well-being of students and other members of the University community and supports student success and resilience by providing:

primary and specialty health care,
education and prevention focused services, and
research which contributes to health knowledge and skills.

We strive for excellence in services that are student-centered, respectful, accessible, and offer satisfaction and value. As a campus health resource, the health center promotes individual and community health, teaches health and wellness, participates in research which increases knowledge about health care and student health needs, and participates in the education and training of future health care professionals.

Vision: Our Aim for Excellence

The University Health Center will be the overwhelming choice for high quality health and wellness services. We will positively influence the physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being of the University community in a way that contributes to the success of our students.

Our dedication to excellence and continuous service improvement will be shaped by the needs of our customers, our healing environment, new technology, and the science and art of medicine and counseling.

Values: Our Shared Beliefs

In carrying out the Mission of the University Health Center, we share the following basic values:

A Healthy, Healing Environment
We foster a setting where caring, compassion, and sensitivity give recognition to the health of the whole person.

We accept individual and organizational responsibility to assure professional integrity, confidentiality and efficient use of resources.

We expand our knowledge and skills as an ongoing response to the changing health care environment and recognize that each contact with a student is an opportunity for health promotion and education.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
We employ progressive, creative, and data driven approaches in meeting the changing needs of our students and staff.

We partner with students, faculty, staff, and others who share our commitment to provide opportunities for student growth and development, clinical training and greater understanding of health and human experiences.

Active Communication
We engage in respectful interaction which is direct, open and nonjudgmental.

Mutual Respect
We recognize the worth of the individual and respect the cultural differences which exist.

A Safe and Secure Environment
We maintain a secure environment that protects confidentiality and patient privacy and respond to internal and external threats.