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Healthy Dawg is the University Health Center brand and mascot.
Look for Healthy Dawg around campus as we continually provide outreach and health literacy campaigns.
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UHC in the Campus News

UHC celebrates employees, successes of past year—Columns, 5/20/21

Vaccinating UGA—YouTube, 4/21/21

UGA lead optometrist helps patients see things clearly — Columns, 5/16/21

Golf Course offers discount to health care workers — Columns, 3/26/21

UGA’s COVID-19 vaccination process — Columns, 2/23/21

A Student Lifeline — Columns, 12/17/20

Healthy Minds Study to probe student’s mental health — Columns, 12/11/20

Medical students get their clinical basics — Columns, 10/30/20

Securing essential supplies during a pandemic — Columns, 10/30/20

Expanded programs help first-generation students — Columns, 10/30/20

Graduate students adapt to new lab protocols — Columns, 10/29/20

Grant applications open for UGA Parents Leadership Council — Columns, 10/21/20

How Health Center adapted during the pandemic— Columns, 10/8/20

Students benefit from being on campus— Columns, 9/3/20

UGA expands COVID-19 surveillance testing— Columns, 8/16/20

UGA commits to student support and wellness— Columns, 5/21/20

Pharmacy at University Health Center offers curbside service— Columns, 4/28/20

Going green: Student Affairs prioritizes sustainability— Columns, 4/21/20

New University Health Center website provides well-being support— Columns, 4/8/20

UHC executive director puts service, patients at the heart of all his work — Columns, 1/31/20


UGA Magazine, Winter 2020


COVID Updates

Vaccinating UGA—YouTube, 4/21/21

UGA finishes academic year strong with lowest number of COVID-19 cases to date—Columns, 5/12/21

Second week of very low COVID-19 case count at UGA—Columns, 5/5/21

Cases of COVID-19 at UGA reach new low—Columns, 4/28/21

Cases of COVID-19 at UGA hold steady—Columns, 4/21/21

UGA cases of COVID-19 return to previous lows—Columns, 4/14/21

UGA cases of COVID-19 climb while interest in surveillance testing wanes—Columns, 4/7/21

Reports of COVID-19 hold steady—Columns, 3/31/21

Reports of COVID-19 remain low—Columns, 3/24/21

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA plummet—Columns, 3/17/21

Reports of COVID-19 continue to decline—Columns, 3/10/21

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA reach lowest level since testing began—Columns, 3/3/21

COVID-19 cases drop significantly at UGA—Columns, 2/24/21

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA fall again—Columns, 2/17/21

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA drop to lowest level since Thanksgiving—Columns, 2/10/21

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA hold steady—Columns, 2/3/21

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA down again—Columns, 1/27/21

UGA emphasizes surveillance testing as semester begins—Columns, 1/21/21

Surveillance testing changes planned for spring semester—Columns, 1/4/21

UGA surpasses testing goal for fall semester—Columns, 11/25/20

UGA sets new high for participation in surveillance testing and new low for positivity rate—Columns, 11/18/20

UGA responds to pre-holiday testing push—Columns, 11/11/20

Participation in surveillance testing at UGA hits record high—Columns, 11/4/20

UGA matches lowest number of weekly COVID-19 cases—Columns, 10/28/20

UGA achieves new high in surveillance testing—Columns, 10/21/20

Participation in surveillance testing at UGA rebounds—Columns, 10/14/20

Cases of COVID-19 at UGA hold steady at low levels—Columns, 10/7/20

UGA records its lowest number of COVID-19 cases this fall—Columns, 9/30/20

Cases of COVID-19 decline sharply at UGA for second week in a row—Columns, 9/23/20

Reports of COVID-19 at UGA show dramatic improvement—Columns, 9/16/20

Student cases increase at UGA, while faculty and staff cases remain low—Columns, 9/9/20

UGA reports COVID-19 cases for first full week of class—Columns, 9/2/20

UGA expands COVID-19 surveillance testing—Columns, 8/16/20


Student Health Advisory Committee - Health Literacy

COVID Vaccine Facts Myths—YouTube, 3/19/21

I’ve been tested for COVID…now what?—YouTube, 10/27/20

FreshCheckDayUGA 2020 Welcome—YouTube, 8/13/20

SHAC: COVID-19 and How It Spreads—YouTube, 7/22/20

Apply to be a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee—Instagram, 2/10/21


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