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Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention

The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator (RSVP) seeks to engage and empower community members to actively participate in creating a campus community that is free from sexual and relationship violence by:

  • Challenging cultural attitudes and beliefs that contribute to violence.
  • Promoting healthy relationships, respect and tolerance for others.
  • Taking responsibility for actions and inactions that perpetuate and condone violence.
  • Promoting non-violent solutions for dealing with conflict and differences.
  • Fostering a sense of community where all members of the UGA community feel safe and welcomed.

RSVP is a refuge for students impacted by relationship and sexual violence seeking support services to begin the healing process. RSVP is a resource for the campus community and advocates for individuals needing assistance, information, confidential consultation, and referral services on and off campus. RSVP also provides leadership and development opportunities for students, faculty and staff interested in making UGA a safe place for everyone.

Phone: 706-542-SAFE (7233)
(For general information call 706-542-8690 or email

RSVP is located within the Health Promotion Department on the first floor of the University Health Center, at the corner of College Station and East Campus Road, on the University of Georgia campus.